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Hair extensions allow you to easily create your own special look.

From natural hair colors to fantasy shades, straight to curly styles, crystals, feathers and more - hair extensions help you add a completely unique dimension to your personal fashion statement.

While hair extensions are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, proms, parties, and family gatherings, they are also terrific for everyday wear.

Hair Extensions

Thin, dull, boring looking hair? In the past your only options were: wearing a wig, having a chemical perm with unpredicable results and damage to your hair, coloring your hair every four-weeks and experiencing different colors every time, or living with your boring hair.

Happily we have real choices today!


Natural Hair Extensions

  • Provide added length
  • Endless hair volume
  • A natural texture; straight, wavy, or curly
  • Many color choices - all without using chemicals

Learn more about Platimun Seamless InterSeal System™ hair extensions, Great Lengths and SO.CAP fusion hair extensions and DreamCatchers cylinder hair extensions by clicking on these links.


Frequently Asked Questions

My hair is short, can I use hair extensions?
If your hair is at least four-inches in length in the crown area, you can have hair extensions applied.

How long do they last?
Your extensions will last approximately 3-to-6 months with proper home care, not including any normal hair loss.

How long does the process take?
The time it will take to apply the extension depends on the number of extensions; accents, partial or full head application. It can take a little as 15 minutes to about 5 hours. Your hair is styled after the hair extensions are added to work completely with your own hair.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions - Natalija Chinni Hair Salon, Dallas Texas - 214-783-3798Can you match my hair color and texture?
The hair extensions are available in many natural colors: blonde, red, brunette and black tones, three textures including straight, wavy and curly, and three strand sizes: standard, fine, and extra-fine. We can also use two-tone and colorful fantasy shades.

How do I care for my hair extensions once I get them?
You handle your hair extensions the same as if they were your natural hair. We do recommend some brushes, shampoos, and conditioning products to help keep your extensions in top shape. And as with your regular hair, a loose braid is suggested at bedtime to prevent tangling while you sleep.

Can I do normal activities or swim?
Yes you can. After the extensions are applied, we will give you a home care maintenance sheet to help you care for your extensions.

Can my hair be colored at the same time?
We recommend that hair be colored or touched up a minimum of 48 hours before the applying the hair extensions.

Does it hurt?
Not at all - neither when we put them in or when they're removed; this is a painless process.

How do I get started?
Call Natalija today at 214-783-3798 to schedule your appointment!  You may also email her at: