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About Natalija Chinni

I was born in Hamburg, Germany and moved to Cleveland, Ohio with my mother when I was four-years old. My mother was always very fashionable looking, from her style of dress and carriage, to her hair and makeup. She taught me how to ‘work-a-wardrobe’ as she did: European style.

I cannot remember a time when I was not interested in fashion and style!


I made Houston, Texas my home, and worked for the CACHE boutique, as its manager. CACHE dressed the high-fashion residents of the Houston area. In addition to handling up-scale clothing, we put together wonderful fashion shows and became personal shopping assistants.

A high-end European boutique called Fogal Hosiery, based in Zurich, Switzerland, contracted with me to open several of their stores. They have locations around the world and it provided a wonderful opportunity to travel throughout Europe and Australia – learning about not only the hosiery industry, but also high-fashion and hair styling. Those were an incredible 12 years.

Shortly after moving to Dallas, I secured my hairdresser’s license. All those years of exposure to fashion and style were leading up to finding my true niche; it has been a fantastic journey!


I love what I do!

My ‘job’ allows me to make people happy and feel terrific about themselves. Staying on top of new techniques and methods means there is always a way to help you look your best.

Working with hair extensions is one of my salon specialties – they are the best thing that has happened in hair styling in a very long time. Hair extensions let women easily have long, thick beautiful hair. You can go mild with matching or gentle accent colors, or wild with bright bold, “look-at-me” shades.

Please always remember to only go to someone that is certified in advanced styling techniques such as hair and eyelash extensions.

  • Hairdreams Hair Extensions and Volumes+ - Certified Technician 2012
  • Platinum Seamless™ - Certified Stylist 2010

  • Brazilian Blowout™ - Certified Technician 2008

  • Great Lengths® - Certified Technician 2008

  • SO.CAP.USA® - Certified Technician 2006

  • Xtreme Lashes™ - Training and Certification 2006

  • DreamCatchers® - Certified Technician 2006

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